Friday, 28 November 2014

List Your Property For Sale In Time For The Christmas Rush!

Christmas is fast approaching and you are beginning to think....we need more space! Or you have too much space and need to downsize. So your thoughts creep towards the subject of, should we move in the new year? If this is you, then my best advice would be to list your property now!
Property search portals have their highest volume of web traffic over Christmas Day and Boxing Day. It sounds crazy but if you are thinking of moving then no doubt you will be part of that browsing traffic too. The important factor of this is to make sure your property is available for all potential buyers to see within this surge of activity over the Christmas period.

I know what you are thinking, you have too much to do and busy Christmas shopping but why leave this opportunity to pass by. Ok so another reason is, you already put your Christmas decorations up. See this as a positive, does your home look warm and inviting with a spruced Christmas tree draped in twinkling lights and shiny baubles? Of course it does, it is the time of year when home is where you want to be and buyers will be in the same mindset. But you want their new home to be your old home.

There are many aspects of selling a property and you don't want to leave any to chance. Sometimes the smallest of additions can make a difference and it only takes a quick visit from your agent to take new photographs once all the festive cheer is put away.

Beth Alexandra Property Specialists 

Avoid An Empty Property Over Christmas

So, have your tenants recently given notice to leave your rental property? Panic sets in because its getting closer to Christmas and the last thing you want is the thought of an empty property while tucking into your Christmas roast, fear not! Here are some hints and tips to effectively find a tenant sooner than you may think...

Confirm an exact date of when your current tenants will be vacating the property, ideally in writing and signed by both parties so a specific date is agreed.

Inspect the property before the tenants move out, make a snag list of all the odd jobs i.e fixing a leaky tap or lose door handle that can be done while the property is still tenanted. Bigger plans like painting or new carpets you can have scheduled to be carried out the minute your current tenants leave.

Instruct an agent (ahem, Beth Alexandra Property Specialists) to list the property and activate it 'live' at least one week before the end of the tenancy. Give your current tenants plenty of notice so the property can be prepared for the photographs.

Arrange an open day for potential tenants to view, preferably before your present tenants leave. It is usual practice that current tenants must co-operate with access for viewings during the last month of their tenancy.

The sooner viewings commence the sooner a new tenancy can be secured and less time the property is left empty.

It all seems easy when put into 5 simple steps, the key is knowing your plan, being organised and carrying it forward. So get started!