Thursday, 27 March 2014


Gazumping is when the property vendor, after accepting your offer then accepts a higher offer from another buyer. 

After hearing a story yesterday about an lady unfortunately experiencing this, now is the time to make you aware that gazumping is rearing its ugly head again! As the property marketed continues to move onwards and upwards you must be extra vigilant. It was rife in the nineties and early noughties when the property market was at its height but since the crash in 2008 it became a less common occurrence. 

How do you avoid it happening to you?

  • Insist the property is withdrawn from the market once your offer has been accepted. 
  • Offer a non-refundable deposit to show your commitment.
  • Make sure you have your mortgage in principle and all your finances are in place.
  • Instruct the property survey asap.
  • Speed up the sale, the less time the property is on the open market the better.

From an agents point of view we are obliged to inform our vendors of any offers so it is unfair to hold an agent responsible but I do believe in the event of a higher offer situation it should be dealt with fairly and professionally.

Do you want an honest and trusted agent? Beth Alexandra Property Specialists is who you need to contact!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Making ''Scents'' When Selling Your Home

So, you have a viewing at your property? Its surprising how many viewers will follow their noses, this being our strongest sense if the aroma isn't right that could be one less box ticketed for your potential buyer. Make your home smell too good to resist, you may think this is over the top but do you notice the elegant fragrance the minute you step into Next? Appealing isn't it, this is the same impact we want your viewer to feel. 

In 2010 a study found that on average 31.8% of shoppers spent more money when the store was scented, it proved that aromas can affect cognitive functions in the same areas of the brain involved in decision making. Now every property is different, you decide which environment you want to create. Here are some of my suggestions;

Homely smells like baked bread or freshly ground coffee this will create a warm and cosy atmosphere, ideal if it is cold dark day outside. 

Your property may suit the refreshing and crisp scent of lemon and orange, the citrus savour implements the distinctive summertime feeling.

The traditional vanilla and sandalwood could be the one a comforting and original scent, the perfect neutral option.

Whichever you pick my key tip is to frequently open those windows! Allow the fresh air to flow through the property and take note of the BIG no no's!
No pet smells
No stale smoke odors 
No overflowing rubbish bins
No damp washing

Beth Alexandra Property Specialists are here to get you moving!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Put A ''Spring'' Into Your House Sale

Put A ''Spring'' Into Your House Sale

Spring is finally upon us! After a scorcher last weekend, lets hope it was a taster of whats to come. 
This is the most popular time of year for property listings, you've done the clear-out, cleaned the windows, touched up the paint work and pruned the garden....its picture perfect. 

If you read my blog last week you will know that 95% of buyers go online to start their property search so its important your pictures are on top form, especially the frontage. The front external photograph is the first to be seen so a clear blue sky day is a must when the picture is taken, yes the British weather is hard to predict but at Beth Alexandra Property we will not settle for less. 

As the buyer takes their journey through in internal photographs every one should be 'showhome-esque', no clutter, no mess. Not only is this attractive to buyers, it can make a room look generous and fresh. Speaking of 'fresh' when it comes to the viewing your potential purchasers senses are on high alert so.....we will go into that next week. 

In the meantime there will be non of this!!.....

Yes this property was recently marketed! Please click the link to see further pictures...if you dare.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Online Estate Agents

Selling your home no longer needs to be an expensive move. Why pay inflated high street agency fees when you can save up to 53% with us! 

Not convinced? Let talk figures, approximately 95% of home buyers start their search online. Gone are the days of spending all your time going from branch to branch enquiring at your local estate agent, you are a busy person so this is not what you want to be doing. From personal experience working in high street estate agents, there is less and less footfall and genuine custom coming through the door. These shops cost a substantial amount of money to keep open resulting in you, the vendor having to pay on average 1.8% on the sale of your home. But this no longer needs to be the case.

We all want the same for less and will shop around to try and make a saving from a tin of beans to buying a car. When it comes to selling your house why not do the same? 
For the average person a property is the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime, may it be your home, business or investment; you worked hard to get it so maximise the return.

Online is not only the way forward for estate agency, if we look at large companies such as Littlewoods and Woolworths who moved from the high street to the world wide web due to the growing costs of literally keeping the lights on! If we look at the big players in online retail for example Amazon the price of goods is noticeably cheaper than a high street equivalent.  

So my message to you is to move with the times and keep that extra bit of cash so you can treat yourself when Beth Alexandra Property Specialists sell your home for less!