Wednesday, 7 May 2014

3D Printing a Full Sized House!

Believe it or not 3D printing of a full sized house is currently being worked on by Architects in Amsterdam taking property construction to another level! Could this be the next step to creating an Eco-friendly home? 

The material used is a plastic containing plant oil which contributes to 75% of the mixture. The structure itself is printed in sections inside a shipping container, one room can require six to ten blocks. Once all the pieces are ready they will be fitted together to form a detached house with an estimated construction time of 3 years. A company in China is also putting the idea into practice taking it a step further by using recycled materials to build each structure, they claim to print bungalows for less than £3000.

So if we look at this realistically this is not a project that will make any changes in the way property is built but if you want a space which you can claim to be Eco-friendly then this is for you. After all it is important to take care of our planet and recycling is an important contribution. Creative people out there have already assembled or are creating their own Eco-living space from converting shipping containers to making the most of used vehicle tires, the possibilities are endless! We would all love to have our own little space to escape.

Beth Alexandra Property Specialists 

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