Thursday, 1 January 2015

Real Interiors UK - New Year New Home

Whilst diets and promotions top many New Years’ resolution lists, January is also the perfect time to make the changes to your home that have been bugging you for months.

Shirley Goodgroves from Real Interiors is a ‘Home Staging’ expert with a sharp eye and a creative touch.  She uses her experience and vision to look beyond clutter and mess and turns tired homes into attractive options that appeal to potential buyers.

Whether you are looking for a haven in the chaos of family life or want top dollar in the estate agent’s window, Shirley’s fail-safe tips will make you a property guru in 2015.

  • Your house is worth more when it’s tidy according to a recent survey by Big Yellow Self Storage and 22% of buyers won’t make an offer on a property if its too cluttered.  Have a big sort out in January and then try to keep on top of it a bit at a time.
  • Be realistic! Your home was created over months and years so you won’t transform it in an hour.  If it’s all too daunting, spend 10 mins clearing out a kitchen drawer and once you start seeing results you’ll want to continue.
  • If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market this Spring, assess what buyers might think of it.  Have an evaluation done by a property professional and consider staging to maximise your property value before you call the agent.
  • Forget your personal taste, buyers are looking for neutral but not bland properties so its essential that this is what you offer.  You can introduce colour through accessories rather than paint.  A properly dressed bed, vase of flowers and well placed mirrors and pictures will transform your home into an attractive investment.
  • Remember all those little jobs that you’ve been meaning to sort out but never got around to?  Now is the time to fix the dripping tap, change the cracked tile and rehang dropped doors on cupboards.
  • Its true that wafts of baking bread and freshly brewed coffee create the perfect ambience for buyers but be warned – they are put off by smells of animals, damp and cigarette smoke.
  • If you do nothing else, ensure your house is clean.  Sparkling windows and dust free skirting boards will show a buyer that this is a property which is well cared for and looked after.

For assistance on staging your home for sale, decluttering when it’s all become too much or simply to feel happy with the home you’re in, call Shirley at Real Interiors on 07866 566141 for a solution that’s perfect for you.

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