Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Online Estate Agents Survey Results - Be Part Of It!

What is a theory without the facts? After carrying out my own survey to analyse the trends on how you search for property and what choices you would make when selling your home reveals the online estate agency model is the way forward. After all there are a few big names in business who realise the change and making huge investments in the online property industry.
Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou of EasyJet
Steve Smith of Poundland
Paul Pindar former Capita chairman
James Caan the Ex-Dragon

If you are still unsure on the concept or future of online estate agents, these results should help you.

1. When searching for property do you start by looking online?
Yes   100%
No    0%

2. When searching for property do you;
Go to estate agents websites individually   5.56%
Go to property portals such as Zoopla & Rightmove   94.44%

3. When searching for property do you visit the estate agents shop?
Yes   11.11%
No    88.89%

4. When arranging a viewing at a property, what are you most likely to do?
Call the agent   66.67%
Email the agent   33.33%
Visit the agents shop   0%

5. Online estate agents are known for offering lower fees so when selling your property would you use an online agent or high street agent at a higher fee?
Online agent   76.47%
High street agent   23.53%

6. When selling your property which payment method would you prefer?
Pay a low upfront fee and no fee on completion   52.94%
Pay no upfront fee and be charged a percentage of your sale price on completion   47.06%

Do you see the pattern emerge? 

From a business model point of view for Beth Alexandra Property I not only save you money by offering Flexi-Fees (pay upfront or pay percentage on completion) but provide a high quality service, continue to change the face of estate agency and deliver what you want!

7. Would you be more likely to use an estate agent on recommendation?
Yes   94.44%
No    5.56%

8. Please rate your previous experience with estate agents;
Poor   33.33%
Fair    16.67%
Average   33.33%
Good   16.67%
Excellent   0%

If you would like to take part in this survey please click the link

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