Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Property Price Divide Between North & South

Well, after a successful blog last week about Gazumping which got me on a BBC Radio Breakfast Show! I'm going to branch out from this topic and discuss the property price divide between North & South. As the property market continues to move forward all over the country it causes property prices to increase but there is still a major difference in the increases and the pace of the market across the country.

Property prices are increasing all over the UK but some areas at higher rates than others, an average home in the South is 74% more expensive than in the North before we even start! Southern regions have risen by 6.1% year on year whereas this figure only reaches 3.1% in the North of the country.
Once a property hits the open market in the Capital it already has at least 25 buyers inline ready to purchase it whereas in comparison to the rest of the country only having 12.

There will always be a divide between the North & South property market but it is good to see that is it the whole of the UK to is benefiting in some way from the move in the market. This advance will not stop here, especially since the help to buy scheme was made available to new or existing homes up to £600,000 at the beginning of the year, 2014 is said to be the ‘Big Year’ and showing no signs of cooling down.

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